Fast credit without proof: how to get a transfer as quickly as possible?

There are a few important basic rules in finding fast credit without proof. We will see the different ways to get money quickly on his account, and the case in which no document is requested. We can then issue some advice applicable to any request for rapid credit.

Fast credit solutions without proof

Fast credit solutions without proof

We generally speak of rapid credit without proof of use of money, since any new request for consumer credit involves providing proof of identity and financial resources (minimum wage slips). Several financing solutions allow you to obtain a quick loan without having to justify the project:

  • Personal loan 
  • Revolving credit
  • Use the money reserve of an existing revolving credit
  • Micro credit less than 200 $

We speak of fast credit without proof of use when the money can be used freely. New car credit, which requires providing a purchase order, does not fall into this category, for example. The same goes for the work loan, always subject to the delivery of an invoice from the craftsman. The personal loan, revolving credit and micro credit (-200 $) are the only credits that do not need to be justified.

The personal credit corresponds to a loan for all projects (purchase of a used car, wedding, travel, etc.) repayable. Revolving credit is recommended for any need for urgent small credit, the amount of which very rarely exceeds $ 4,000. Its APR rate is not fixed but adjustable, indicating that use of the available money may take place at a rate different from that obtained when the contract was opened. We will see that this “reusable” nature of revolving credit can make it possible to obtain credit within 24 hours without any proof.

On our credit comparator, any request below $ 4,000 refers to revolving credit offers. You have to select “personal loan” to access the best personal loan rates.

Existing revolving credit = express transfer without proof

Existing revolving credit = express transfer without proof

Using the money available on the reserve of its revolving credit is the only case in which it is possible to obtain immediate credit without any proof. The lender already has all the guarantees, provided at the time of opening the contract. It can be a store credit or a classic request made in the past. Organizations are now required to inform all holders of a revolving credit contract by mail: difficult to miss out on information. This is generally a small loan, the available reserve of which rarely exceeds $ 3,000.

Renewable every year, rapid credit without renewable proof can make it possible to obtain credit within 24 hours without having to provide anything. Drawing from the pool of revolving credit is usually done at a high APR rate. It is therefore preferable to repay on short maturities, in which case the total cost of the credit could skyrocket. A revolving credit can also be repaid in advance, without any penalty. It is important to remember that any repayment – partial or total – of the credit reduces or erases the remaining interest due. An inflow of money can therefore make it possible to pay off the debt by limiting the costs generated by the high rate obtained at the time of use.

Micro credit, a practical but very expensive alternative

Quick micro credit without proof does not meet the same laws as those of consumer credit. Any request less than 200 $ and / or reimbursed in less than 90 days can be the subject of a mini credit in 24h to 48h. This type of urgent loan is repaid over short terms, implying a total cost that is apparently very acceptable. The APR rate of these formulas is however still close to 20%. Creditend and Astro finance are the two best known micro credit organizations to date. Also, you should always be well informed about any additional costs associated with an express credit request (accelerated transfer). The conditions for repayment of this fast credit without proof of use are strict, and any delay may result in significant costs.

Fast credit without proof: where to apply?

Fast credit without proof: where to apply?

It is important to ask the right questions in the quest for fast credit without proof of use:

  • Which credit is suitable for my need for money?
  • Who offers the best rate?
  • How to receive a first favorable opinion?

Online credit organizations offer the best fast credit formulas without proof. Specialists in consumer credit, Bankatedis, Viloan or other Zaloan all offer quick credit formulas without proof of use. These specialists are also to provide an immediate response in principle to a credit request. Problem, their acceptance rates and conditions vary according to many criteria, starting with the applicant’s profile.

The usefulness of a credit comparator

Using an honest credit comparator based on the APR rate makes it possible to simultaneously query all the credit organizations. Our tool is effectively able to display without delay which organizations are capable of accepting a request for credit at the best rate. Here’s how to make a quick credit request without proof:

  1. Fill in “personal loan”, “need money” or “loan for all projects” on our form.
  2. Indicate the desired amount and the desired repayment period.
  3. Complete the credit questionnaire (identity, situation) in four to five minutes.
  4. The organizations offering the best APR rates provide an immediate answer in principle.
  5. The borrower receives a contract proposal by email from the organizations that accepted the request within 24 hours

Fast credit without proof: how long to get the money?

Our experience as a credit comparator allows us to precisely determine the waiting period before obtaining the money for a credit. Here is how a credit application breaks down.

Fast credit application: how long to get the money? Time limit
Credit request via a comparator with immediate response 5 minutes
Final credit contract at the best rate In 24h, by email
Signing the contract and sending it (online or by post, depending on the specialists) 1 day
Time before final response 72 hours on average from receipt of the contract
Waiting period before payment of funds 8 days minimum
Total waiting time before obtaining money 12 to 15 days

Good to know: all borrowers have a 14-day right of withdrawal (see law). This right is specific to all credits, including micro-credit below $ 200.

Fast credit without proof: good reflexes to save time

Fast credit without proof: good reflexes to save time

There are several small tips to help you take some time when applying for a quick loan without proof.

Prepare documents

It is possible to get a new fast credit without proof of use, but not without proof of identity or resources. Proof of income is in fact systematically requested in order to constitute the credit contract. Preparing supporting documents in digital format (identity document, proof of address, last two pay slips) or paper saves time.

Completing your contract

A data entry error on a fast credit contract without proof quickly arrived. A poorly completed contract can lead to a new shipment from the organization, involving at least five to six days of additional time.

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