Non – bank loan for troubled clients

An unpleasant accident can seriously complicate the fragile stability of cash. Crashed car limits commuting to work, in many occupations transportation to clients. A broken appliance will make household care difficult and seriously compromise on basic comfort.

Unexpected payments such as bills for electricity, water, high bills for telecommunications services cannot be postponed. Later remuneration is penalized and may also lead to restrictions on the use of services. Their renewal is subject to additional charges. A relatively banal theft of cash can also complicate your situation. The missing amount may not be high, but will still cause stress.

Good Finance is the optimal solution to deal with an unpleasant situation

Good Finance is the optimal solution to deal with an unpleasant situation

We will not look into the SOLUS register for the loan. We try to offer services that inflexible banking systems cannot accomplish. We will provide you with the lack of cash to settle the necessary commitments. We will give you time to improve your economy.

You will repay our loan over time with the certainty that earlier receivables will not increase by penalty or cause other unpleasant complications. Many services are related to fines and suspension of drawing. Renewal will incur additional charges and is primarily a time loss. If you are struggling with insufficient cash, we recommend that you solve your problems with caution and without undue delay.

One possible solution is a loan that would help bridge the short term, settle obligations and avoid further inconvenience. However, the “troubled client” sticker complicates your normal behavior. Even with the best of planning and the ability to meet new obligations, for most bank or consumer loans, you are faced with obstacles or directly with refusal.

We do not limit the loan applicant

We do not limit the loan applicant

We will not set aside candidates in an unfavorable situation. Bank or consumer loans entail the obligation to provide sufficient income and other documents.

But we know that a disadvantageous position can lead to an ill-considered solution that in the future will complicate the original inconvenience with far-reaching consequences. Often, a relatively small amount and time of a short bridging period are sufficient to solve the problems.

Clear and simple system

Clear and simple system

An interactive form on our site can help you make decisions. You can vary the amount of the target amount. As a result, you get the exact amount and number of installments. This allows you to objectively assess how your budget will burden subsequent repayments.

You do not have to worry about hidden conditions or high interest rates. Non-bank loans are associated with a higher rate, but in this case they include a low amount and a short period. When calculating, the feared high interest will turn into several hundred crowns. Instead of interest, we can talk about a fee that is balanced by the available loan. Reliable behavior, immediate disposition of money and trustworthy background of a large company are an appropriate reward.

We pay attention to clear and understandable conditions in all steps. Upon confirmation of cooperation, you will receive from us exactly expressed amount of repayments and their terms.

Don’t be discouraged


The tabloid newspaper is often overtaken by the narrative of miserable stories, when clients of non-bank loans have fallen into debt. We would like to draw your attention to the serious background of our company and the long-term presence on the market. We will always be on your side.

We are not trying to enrich or draw on your unfavorable situation. Our services are set up for easy and fast pumping. We offer you a solution in clear conditions and solid, unchangeable bases.

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