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Request a total debt consolidation

We help those who are unable to pay their debts to get out of debt. A debt consolidation loan from this source can be a good solution. 

According to data published by the National Debt Register, Poles are borrowing power. Currently, a statistical Pole has to give an average of 4,531 PLN, while in 2015 this amount was half as much and amounted to 2,451 PLN. Thus, we can observe that the number of indebted people increases every year.

According to the data published in the National Report on Outstanding Debts and Unreliable Debtors (BIK), as many as 2.78 million Poles had a problem with timely repayment at the end of 2018.

This means that many of us not only live on credit, but also have serious problems related to timely repayment of debt. It is with this group of people in mind that products such as debt relief loans have been created.

When choosing a debt loan, the customer receives a loan of greater value, thanks to which he will be able to cover all his outstanding installments. The borrower thus remains with only one debt, whose installment is usually smaller than the sum of those that he had to pay so far.

Poles very often confuse a debt loan with a consolidation loan. Both products share many similarities (including the purpose – both loans are taken out to pay off previous liabilities), but they are primarily divided by one fundamental difference.

Debt loan is a proposal prepared for those whose credit history is so critical that they cannot count on the bank’s help. That is why this product is mainly offered by private companies and parabanks.

When looking for debt loan offers, we can come across the results on the internet such as: Meteor bank debt loan or Millenial debt loan. Unfortunately, after entering the offer, we will see that it is a consolidation loan.

Banks do not grant debt relief loans for one simple reason – you must have a good credit standing to get a bank loan. Therefore, before applying for a loan, it is worth learning how to build a positive credit history to increase your chances of getting a positive decision.

Debt loan – how to get it?

Debt loan - how to get it?

You can only get a non-bank debt loan if you can prove that you receive regular, regular income. To this end, you will be asked to provide a certificate issued by your employer or an account statement that documents regular receipts.

In addition, the future lender can check your data in the registers of debtors. This is to help you get an idea of ​​your financial situation and whether you will be able to pay off the new liability. Before talking to the lender, analyze your expenses and check your credit history at BIK yourself, so you don’t have to worry about the lender’s decision.

There are also such products on the market as: a debt loan without BIK or a debt loan with a bailiff . It is an offer prepared for people who are undergoing debt recovery proceedings and for those who have serious debts with banks, non-bank institutions, but also towards the Social Insurance Institution or the Tax Office.

A debt loan with a bad credit and debt loans with debt collection activities are one of the last resort for those who are over-indebted. To take advantage of this form of loan, you must usually provide real estate that will become collateral for your future loan.

One of the offers prepared for people who are struggling with the above problems is SKOK debt loan. The loan is available to everyone who has a stable source of income and can present a property that will become collateral for the loan.

The loan can be up to 70% of the value of the property indicated, regardless of the financial problems the future borrower is facing.

Debt loan without collateral

Unfortunately, in many cases, the indebted person does not own property that could secure the loan. In this situation, a debt loan without collateral may be helpful. What characterizes this type of loan?

If you do not have to borrow a large amount, then a debt loan without a mortgage is really within your reach. Most often, the loan amount in this case should not exceed PLN 30,000, however, each loan company determines its own rules for granting the loan and these amounts may vary depending on the lender.

Debt loans without collateral do not require real estate guarantees, but the lender may require a surety for another person. However, a person who will be ready to enter into debt with you must meet two basic conditions: have good creditworthiness and stable income from a legal source.

Debt loan – is it worth it?

The decision to incur any debt should not be taken lightly and without thinking. Debt loan, which first of all is to be a salvation for people in a bad financial situation, who are wondering how not to fall into a spiral of debts, is often very risky and can be a proverbial nail in the casket.

Companies that grant unsecured loans must somehow compensate themselves for any lack of repayment. Most often they do it by charging high costs of commitments, through substantial commission or interest.

Debt loan new life?

Debt loan new life?

However, if you really want to change your financial situation and you cannot count on the help of the bank, then it is worth considering the option of a debt loan. Before making your final decision, plan your home budget yourself and check what capital you have in order not to fall into the next trap.

Also remember not to cheat and conceal your debts when talking to future borrowers. Such behavior may work against you and may result in the company not wanting to trust you and thus not getting a loan.

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